Whole Town


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I only make music that I like
You man make music for the clubs
Nowadays man like to gwarn like sprite
One little shake and it all bubbles up
Girls on insta stunting the hardest
Maybe lock that try reading a book
Yeah you might get three hundred likes
But none of them likes ever equals love
Everyone's jumped on snapchat
If your story's long then I just tap tap through
If you're gonna put up pics online
Just don't put pics of your girl and you
Cause it'll get long when your ting ends
And I don't see no pics when I scroll on through
Only you two shoulda had a clue
Now it's everybodies news

I just hop on the track like Usain
Too quick so they ask what you saying
Power levels too high are you Saiyan
They think life is a game but I ain't playing
They think life is a joke but I'm no clown
Catch me in my Nikes when I roll round
Some mandem die for their area
Me I live life for my Whole Town
Whole Town, Whole Town,
Me I live life for my Whole Town
Whole Town, Whole Town,
Me I live life for my Whole Town,
Some mandem die for their area
Me I live life for my Whole Town

What, They can't start on me,
Being scared of another mans hard for me
Me failing I find that hard to see
Greatness in the veins no arteries
I know people in general are hard to please
Please just don't try to hard for me
People are going surgery for surgeries
And still ain't the fakest on the street
Infact let me get back
I long range snipe with the pen click clack
Ronaldinho with the bars flip flap
All the ballers I know can all dig that
She said she still wants to be friends
I said nah b I can't do that
You're gonna grow, I'm gonna blow
And then you're gonna look back

I stay proud of where I'm from
And I accept the things I have done
And I accept the things I ain't done yet
But I got time till the race is done
Better yet till the race is won
Better know that my pace can't done
Better know that we aim so high
That anything less than flying gets bun
Anything less than flyings not right
I can't just exist in life
I'm gonna go go after a dream
In the face of fear I build & believe
I don't wanna put my town on my shoulders
But I rep all from the young to the olders
And the hope is that the coldest know this
If not take notice


released July 11, 2016
Produced by JOSHUi.
Written by JOSHUi.
Performed by JOSHUi.
Mixed and Mastered by Marco.




JOSHUi Manchester, UK

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